Let’s be honest here, Kristina Klebe is one badass actress.  Whether she’s playing a vicious lover in the horror film PROXY, a sinister nurse in the thriller DEMENTIA, or a tough as nails cop in the short BAD SEED for the TALES OF HALLOWEENanthology, Kristina proves time and time again that her strength lies in playing complex and intriguing characters.  Recently, we had the chance to speak with Kristina about her latest role, FBI Agent Evelyn Pierce, in Mike Mendez’s horror flick DON’T KILL IT.

Nightmarish Conjurings:  Hi Kristina, thank you so much for speaking with me today!  To start things off, can you tell us a little bit about your character Agent Evelyn Pierce? 

Kristina Klebe:  Evelyn Pierce is a small town girl turned big town FBI Agent.  She moved away from Chickory Creek, Mississippi because of attacks from the local community against her and her family, leaving a bad taste in her mouth when she has to return on an assignment for the FBI when three triple homicides occur.

NC: What initially drew you to the role and what was it like working with Dolph Lundgren? 

KK: I auditioned for the role actually.  I had worked with Mike Mendez before and he asked me to put myself on tape (audition) for the role.  Honestly what I liked most about the script (**possible spoiler alert**) is that supposedly my character descended from angels.  It was an honest nice change of pace from some of my other characters like Anika from PROXY (laughs).

Dolph was super cool and an absolute professional, of course.  I used to go to the restaurant Le Bilboquet in NYC when I was a teenager which he would often frequent but I never watched his movies and used to wonder who he was when everyone was ogling!  So we connected over that I think (laughs).

NC: As you mentioned, you had worked with director Mike Mendez in the past.  What was it like to work with him again and how was it different? 

KK: I met Mike on TALES OF HALLOWEEN.  He was one of the producers and Neil Marshall (THE DESCENT) had cast me as the lead in his segment BAD SEED.  So I really didn’t get to know Mike until we started press for it.  When he saw my performance in BAD SEED he then thought of me for his film THE LAST HEISTand we worked together on that and had a fun time.

NC: You’ve done a lot of films within the horror genre, what is it about this genre that you love that keeps you coming back? 

KK: I honestly think there are better roles for women in the horror and thriller genres.  I rarely play the victim.  I like strong female characters.  I am drawn to projects that have great character roles, roles that challenge me, and if you look back at my films, I’ve played some crazy women!  Anika in PROXY, Michelle in DEMENTIA, Eva Braun in CHILLERAMA… Who wants to play a love interest in a romantic comedy?! What’s the fun in that? Just kidding.  I wouldn’t mind getting into some more of the great cable dramas going on though.  Like “The Walking Dead,” “The Americans,” “Homeland,” and the great European shows shooting in Berlin right now like “Berlin 86,” “Counterpart” or “Deutschland 83.”

NC: With DON’T KILL IT now out, what can your fans expect from you in the future? 

KK: I’m currently filming a movie called SARA’S CELL in which I play the title character Sara produced by Shout!Factory and directed by Kevin Shulman!  It’s such an intense film – there’s no way it won’t be all over the interwebs in about a year.  It’s a mirror of the society we live in and a commentary on what Fear really means…and, believe me, it’s nothing you expect.  We have an unbelievable cast including William Forsythe, Bill Moseley, Faran Tahir, Christian Oliver etc!  I’m also co-executive producer and got to contribute to casting.  I’m also super proud of my film DEMENTIA that got NY Times critics pic about a year ago and you can find it on Netflix.

To stay up-to-date with all of Kristina’s project, follow her on Twitter at @KristinaKlebe.

DON’T KILL IT is now available On Demand & Digital

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