Indie Horror Short Film Review: THE THIN PLACE

Alright all you wide eyed Weirdo’s, tonight we’re getting supernaturally abducted in Alexander Matingly’s horror short THE THIN PLACE!

The short centers around a mother and daughter who struggle with a reoccurring terror that comes at the same time every night.  The mother disregards her daughter’s concern and fear until she is a witness to the terrifying situation herself.

To my surprise I really enjoyed this short film and I do not want to give away too many spoilers because it is short and totally worth checking out.  Anyways, I digress…

The acting between the mother and daughter in the film felt totally natural which made it incredibly easy to appreciate.  I didn’t observe any instances of what I would consider “over acting” which was great considering this was a short film and I tend to run into that situation a lot while viewing films.

The entire film was doused in dread from the plot to the way it was filmed.  Everything was so dim and gloomy which meshed perfectly considering what the film is about.  The camera work was clever in the sense that it showed things out of focus that you the viewer are meant to see and it was unsettling to say the least.

The scares in the film were mild but effective at the same time.  The reveal at the end of the film is jumpy and I can see it being easy to digest for a larger population of viewers.  This film doesn’t play off gore or kills, but it does have a supernatural element to it.  Although I tend to shy away from the paranormal films (ghosts or possession) I did find enjoyment in THE THIN PLACE.

As aforementioned I did enjoy this short film and would recommend it to people that enjoyed the LIGHTS OUT short or really any short that is of that nature.  It did have a similar type of vibe to it.

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