As I have mentioned numerous times in the past, I’m a huge fan of anything New Orleans related: whether it be in music or film, or food and history, New Orleans holds a special place in my heart. When Drunken Devil Productions announced that their latest show, BLOODY GRAS, was going to be a dark homage to the wild festivities surrounding Mardi Gras, I was 1000%o on board.  This celebration of life and debauchery included magicians, sideshow antics, burlesque performances, an immersive theatrical piece centering around the infamous Axeman of New Orleans, and disco tunes to dance the night away… if you survived the Axeman’s wrath…

The first thing I noticed when I attended BLOODY GRAS was the decor.  From the moment you entered, there was a feeling of being transported down to The Big Easy.  Each area you walked through had a specific theme to it starting with the entrance which housed a Voodoo priestess, followed by the Louisiana swamp which was shrouded in darkness, then ending at the Mardi Gras festival itself complete with live jazz music from the Dixieland band.  I appreciated the fact that the design wasn’t over the top and in your face but a more classical minimalist feel that had hidden detail that were fun to discover (for example, a bloody face hidden within a flower arrangement).  Of course, there were the large Mardi Gras masks and bright pops of purple and red lighting with a subtle hint of blue throughout that added to the overall ambiance of the festivity.  The only point of contention I had was the room that featured the photo booth. I loved the photo booth inclusion but I wish that space had been more decorated to tie in with the other rooms as it just felt too stark in comparison.

As for the entertainment, the Drunken Devil delivered!  Something that was new to their event was the addition of an immersive experience.  If you knew the right person to speak with, and the right things to say, you became a willing participant in helping to eradicate the Axe Man’s spirit. However, for my group, we were informed by the Voodoo priestess that our souls were eternally damned.  As always, we were entertained by the provocative performances from Scarlette Fox, Madeline Sinclair, and the vivacious Jessabelle Thunder.  Each of these ladies tantalized the crowd with their burlesque act that fit perfectly with the Mardi Gras theme. Towards the end of the first act, the audience was surprised by a scream as a woman burst through the crowd and fell to the ground in front of the burlesque stage covered in blood. As the crow looked on in shock, a man appeared, with blood dripping down his face and an axe in one hand.  We had now been introduced to the Axeman of New Orleans.  It was such a shock when it happened because all of us in attendance were hypnotized by the show and weren’t expecting anything to happen.  For the rest of the evening, the Axeman slowly weaved his was throughout the crowds, preparing himself for his next victim.

Overall, I had an absolute blast at BLOODY GRAS.  I loved the decor and the energy that was flowing through the space as well as the performances and immersive experience.  I loved how the Axeman played a pivotal role in the evening as he was a sense of danger that could be felt throughout the entire event.  For those that drink, there was an open bar which featured traditional New Orleans cocktails, such as the infamous Hurricane, along with beer, wine and coffee-whiskey.  My only suggestion would be that in the future, there should be non-alcoholic refreshments, maybe a virgin concoction of one of the cocktails, for those of us who don’t drink. Other than a few minute suggestions, BLOODY GRAS was a huge success and Drunken Devil Productions should be proud of what they accomplished.  As I continue to watch them grow, I’m impressed with the quality of each event and how they are able to surpass each previous one in terms of entertainment and atmosphere.  With their next event on the horizon, I can only imagine what they will do to top BLOODY GRAS, so make sure to get your tickets early when it’s announced so you can spend a scandalous evening with the Drunken Devil himself.

For more information on Drunken Devil Productions, visit their website at and follow them on social media on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

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