Come away, o human child… 

Over the weekend, I ventured into LA to experience Shine On Collective’s newest immersive show, TO THE WILD.  Being of Irish descent and knowing that the show centered around Irish folklore, I was pretty excited for what laid ahead.  When I arrived at the designated location at MacLeod Ale Brewery in Van Nuys, CA, I was asked by one of the actors if I believed in fairies. Having been familiar with legends that surround fairies, I knew that whatever I was about to experience was going to have a much darker tone that what most people would expect with fairies.

To most, the image of fairies conjures up a vision of something similar to Tinkerbell.  However, more often than naught, fairies have an insidious nature to them.  In TO THE WILD, we get to see the just how manipulative and fantastical these fairies are as they try to coerce guests into revealing certain aspects of their lives.  It’s hard not to be sucked into their cheeriness and promises of eternal happiness, but below the surface, it’s quite clear, that something malicious is bubbling to the surface.

Without giving too much away, TO THE WILD does a great job of bringing the Irish folktale to life while making sure the audience is involved from beginning to end.  When I attended the rehearsal, I found myself captivated by each character that was presented to me and the stories that they were weaving together.  Though there was some technical issues that still needed to be resolved, it didn’t deter me from enjoying my experience and letting myself be enveloped by their tales.  If you allow your imagination to run wild, you will find yourself transported to a whole different world outside of the one you reside in.

TO THE WILD is an immersive and interactive show and there will be moments where you are touched or pulled into different areas of the space.  The show will open March 2 and will be performed at MacLeod Ale Brewery in Van Nuys from March 2-4 and will run for a second weekend at The Attic in Culver City (5492 Washington Blvd) from March 9-11.  The experience will start with a 30 minute pre-show followed by a 60 minute show.

If I can give you one word advice before entering it’s to be careful with what the fairies tell you. Be careful of their promises and their charm and be careful of the drinks.  Everything always has a price.

To purchase tickets click HERE and to keep up to date with Shine On Collective visit their site at and follow them on social media on Facebook at and Twitter @ShineOnShows.

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