When it comes to horror event productions, there are only a handful that can put on a show that has true heart and passion behind it.  One of those companies is Drunken Devil Productionswhich has been putting on nightlife events, with a horror twist, since October 2015.  Their newest show, “Bloody Gras“, is sure to be one for the books, and to get everyone jazzed (pun intended) about the event, I decided to take us back to their last event, their Halloween spectacular, The Witches’ Ball: A Halloween Bacchanal.

The Witches’ Ball was a beautiful homage to the horror films of the 60’s and 70’s combined with the inspiration from histories black mass gatherings and secretive ceremonies of arcane pagan culture.  Throughout the evening, guests were entertained by burlesque performances from Scarlett Fox, who wow’d the audiences with her incredibly tantalizing acts (one which included being soaked in a blood-like substance) and aerial feats.  Along with Scarlett Fox was the vivacious Go-Go Amy, of the Pretty Things Peepshow, who seduced the crowd with her vaudevillian acts, which included her fitting her body through a tennis racket!  When it comes to Drunken Devil events, you best believe they bring the talent and The Witches’ Ball was no exception.

One of my favorite events of that night was the marionette performance put on by Matt Scott and his company Rasputin’s Marionettes.  I never thought I could be more fascinated with puppetry than I was with his performance.  The complexity and beauty of the marionette’s was a sight to behold and we witnessed puppets shaking their clothes off to the dark, yet upbeat, music as well as an appearance from Jack the Ripper.  As much as I enjoyed all the other performances that evening, Rasputin’s Marionetteswas an experience that I hadn’t encountered at any other event I’ve gone too. The marionette performances conjured up a 1800’s Victorian era that for reasons I can’t seem to put into words fit perfectly with the theme of the evening.

Last but not least, guests were presented with a performance from The Rigomortettes, a dancing duo that performed to the tunes of acid doom rock band Old Blood.  Seeing the women dance was more about visual storytelling than anything else.  Their interpretive dancing showcased love, pain, and tragedy, but also a faint glimmer of hope.  It was quite dark but also beautiful to see how their story unfolded in front of all the guests.  It was definitely one of those performances that stayed with you long after the experience had ended.

Once all the entertainers finished, the night showed no signs of slowing down.  DJ Chris Brown spun dark disco and techno music for guests to dance to and boy did they dance! All throughout the space, hundreds of guests danced the night away dressed in all types of Halloween costumes.  Above the dance floor, a disco ball illuminated the floor and brought even more life into the party.  If dancing wasn’t your thing, there were seats spread throughout the venue and an open bar featuring cocktails infused with a New Zealand-based smoked rum, along with wine, beer, and other spirits.  Towards the back of the venue, there was complimentary tarot card readings that attracted a large number of guests.  Each Drunken Devil production I’ve gone too there has been complimentary tarot card readings which I think is a great asset to have at these events because it draws such a huge crowd.  Also, there is free booze and who can say no to that?

Overall, my experience at The Witches’ Ball: A Halloween Bacchanal was fantastic.  This has been my favorite event thus far from Drunken Devil Productions and I can only imagine what surprises they have in store for their guests with their “Bloody Gras” this coming Saturday, February 25.  As I mentioned earlier, Drunken Devil Productions has a lot of heart and owner Matt Dorado has so much passion for what he does in bringing his ideas to life. If The Witches’ Ball is any indication for what we can expect at “Bloody Gras” than we are in for one hell of a kickass evening!

For more information and to purchase tickets to Bloody Gras, visit www.thedrunkendevil.com and follow them on social media on Facebook at www.facebook.com/thedrunkendevil, Twitter @drunkendevil_ca and Instagram @drunkendevil.


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