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Tonight we get into Greb Bellavia’s horror short titled NIBBLE.  The story centers around Andy, who like a lot of young men, loves his girlfriend and hates his job.  What sets him apart from most though isn’t the life he leads, but what’s living in his wall. We then see Andy awaken, in the middle of the night, to a disturbing crunching sound…

As far as filming goes, this short was very smooth and had very clean imagery.  This was surprising considering it’s under 7 minutes long.  However, the filming assisted in maintaining my interest especially since other areas lacked something that I couldn’t quite put my finger on.

When it came to the acting, it was apparent that the actors really got their point across.  I understand the emotional portrayal during some scenes but for some reason I personally couldn’t get into the acting.  I watch a lot of films with horrible acting, and this acting was not horrible, it was just a personal feeling that I just couldn’t get passed.

The payoff at the end was a bit more mild than I was anticipating.  The description had stated that this was a monster flick but *SPOILER* the monster looked a bit more like a scarab or some type of beetle.  I did enjoy the use of practical effects with the monster and the mild gore you get to experience at the end.

Overall, I would recommend NIBBLE as a fun short that most people could probably watch and find some type of enjoyment in.  However, I will conclude this review by stating that NIBBLE was not for me.

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