Good evening gore fiends and freaks!  Tonight we will be exploring Jason Eisener‘s gorey Christmas short titled TREEVENGE!

The plot to this short is rather hilarious.  After being plunked from their habitats, chopped, brought home and decorated, the Christmas trees have finally had enough and get their revenge on society!

If you aren’t familiar with Jason Eisener’s grindhouse style of filmmaking then you are missing out. His fake movie trailer “Hobo With Shotgun” was featured in Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez’s exploitation homage film, GRINDHOUSE.  Eisener eventually went on to direct a full feature film of his trailer, HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN, which I would also highly recommend checking out.

The effects in this short are ones that are right up my alley!  Gore, blood and ridiculous death scenes!  I really couldn’t have asked for more.  The low budget voice effects and movements of the trees themselves were absolutely hilarious and I actually found myself rewatching this short immediately after the initial screening since the short pushes the line in terms of gore.  **SPOILER** You end up viewing something that isn’t often seen, which involved a newborn baby getting its head squashed by the trunk of a Christmas tree.  That probably isn’t for most people but I enjoyed it!

The acting was another aspect that I loved.  This movie featured two primary characters from a show I cherish so much called “Trailer Park Boys.”  Sarah Dunsworth and Jonathan Torrens play a happy husband and wife who go to cut their Christmas tree down with their kids.  Jonathan Torrens plays a character in TREEVENGE that is the polar opposite of his better known character JROC from “Trailer Park Boys” which I thought was really entertaining to see.

Considering this film is shorter than 20 minutes, I would recommend giving it a watch.  If you are a fan of practical effects, Grindhouse style filmmaking, and HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN, you’ll definitely love TREEVENGE!  I have already recommended this film to multiple people and it is streaming free on Vimeo.

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