Good evening Kreeps, tonight we will be looking into Raymond Creamer’s horror short titled LITTLE PIGS.  Halloween being my favorite holiday and being a horror fanatic in general, I was definitely interested in diving into this short.  Please be advised that I have included SPOILERS as this short is under four minutes long.

LITTLE PIGS centers around a woman who is awaken in the middle of the night to comfort her crying baby, but as she puts the child back to bed, she quickly realizes that something evil is lurking in the house.

As the film opens the camera scans the woman’s bedroom and you get a quick shot at a book titled “100 Hair-Raising Horror Stories” laying next to the woman in bed which I thought was rather clever.  Something I noticed from the beginning was the cinematography throughout this short was shot very smoothly.

I really enjoyed the vintage looking jack-o-lantern decor and the rotating lights of Halloween shapes on the wall.  That was a really simple use of an effect that made me feel a bit uncomfortable while watching because it gave subtle strobe resemblance.

With the strange occurrences with the baby monitor, I thought this short was going to be about some sort of paranormal entity.  As the short progressed you receive a minor glimpse (a hand with long, sharp fingernails) of what you’re actually dealing with.  When you hear a clear voice over the baby monitor you see how the title is tied into the short.  The voice sounded a bit similar to Freddy Krueger in my opinion.

When you finally get the reveal at the end it is a bit chilling.  It’s some sort of Boogeyman spouting nursery rhymes which I thought was a fun idea.  Although I felt that the “creature” resembled Freddy Krueger slightly by sound and slightly by appearance I did find it fun and enjoyable.

All in all, LITTLE PIGS was a fun, creative and easy short to watch.  It created intensity at points and kept me interested all the way through.  Short films are becoming something much more widely appreciated so I would recommend this to all you fans out there.  I could even see this being something CryptTV would release.

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