With the beginning of 2017 bearing new movie arrivals for the year, I am excited to say that I have already had the opportunity of viewing a fair amount.  Every film that’s come out of the woodwork has been unique, with each one differing in theme, approach, and technical proficiency.  The most recent and interesting film viewed was the action/comedy GET THE GIRL.

Directed by Eric England and written by Graham Denman and (also) Eric England, GET THE GIRL surrounds Clarence (Justin Dobies) and his lovesick infatuation with an attractive bartender (Elizabeth Whitson) who doesn’t know he exists.  Clarence seeks the help of the pretentious Casanova, Patrick (Noah Segan), forming a ruse to win her over, which dangerously escalates into a faux kidnapping gone awry in order to save the day, and get the girl.

Throughout the entirety of this film, I was pretty unaware of the direction in which it would take. The uncontrollable spiraling of the situation drags every character deeper into the twisted ploy they’ve created, leaving the audience with numerous plot twists and turns.  There’s nothing greater than to plunge head first into a movie that isn’t the least bit predictable, and GET THE GIRL does just that.  This film also finds itself engulfed within beautiful cinematography (Mike Testin), creating a hectic world you’d expect while partaking in a fictitious kidnapping.

I did find every character to be very unlikable, which seemed fittingly purposeful in conjunction with the storyline at hand: each character has their own selfish agenda, feeling their actions are justified in gaining what they desire, despite the level of danger or the well being of others. Even the damsel in distress comes off as insubstantial, succumbing to bits of Stockholm syndrome as the plot progresses.  The cast was exceptional, perfectly enhancing the smug personalities of their chosen persona.  Each actor gave a great performance and made every scenario rather believable.

Although GET THE GIRL did not fully come together for me as a whole, I enjoyed the ride and the domino-affected mayhem produced by the plot.  This film will entertain its audience with its unpredictability, alongside its action sequences.  Check out GET THE GIRL in select theaters this Friday and on VOD.

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