From writer/director Kevin Mendiboure comes a French horror short that uses simple tactics to scare you right out of your shoes.  I kind of had to make that Grandpa joke for all the audiences entertainment of reading my articles.  Getting to the real point, I loved this short.  It was simple and sweet.

As many horror shorts are over saturated with dialogue, THE SHOES gives us some perspective of a modern man’s life and a pair of shoes that cross his path.  A simple old pair of boots that possess people sending them to the underworld.  You will regret using the phrase, “If the shoe fits, wear it!”  I loved the amount of effects and the principal photography in this production. Simple, effective, traditional horror with a spin of an object as simple as shoes, that turns out to be the most developed character in the script!

A favorite scene of mine is when the main male character, Clement Bonpoil, is stuck in the elevator with the pair of old stinky boots.  He is trapped and then sent to hell, level 666.  An open-ended modern fable about a pair of devilish old shoes.  I’m looking forward to seeing what Mendiboure brings us next!  Maybe socks!

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