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Today I will be diving into Steve Desmond’s short film titled MONSTERS. MONSTERS is the story of a little girl and her family living in a cellar during a time period where supposed monsters roam the earth in a post-apocalyptic type of world.  As the story very quickly unfolds, our primary character, the little girl, displays an increased amount of bravery and curiosity as she sneakily ventures outside of the walls in which she is confined. This is when she discovers that her family has been hiding a dreadful secret for a very terrifying reason.

To start things off, I absolutely loved the storyline to this movie.  As the film is short, just shy of 14 minutes, I do not want to give away any spoilers.  However, I will say that it was completely original.  At first I had feelings of where this film was going but boy oh boy was I wrong!

The house used in the short, the ACTUAL house, felt totally natural.  It played so well into the short lived, yet powerful moment that was displayed whilst in the house.  The way the cellar was set up was totally believable in my opinion, for it’s something that leads you to believe the film is during a post-apocalyptic era.  Even temporarily.

The best part in the entire short had to be the end.  I can’t tell you much about it because like I said before, it’ll spoil it, but it tied everything together so perfectly.  It was almost like an evil bow atop a package with awesome wrapping paper!  I also enjoyed that the ending was completely original.

All in all, I loved this short!  It isn’t often that I watch something, especially a short film, where I can’t find something to poke holes at.  I also felt a sense of relevance towards the current state of America and our slow trudge towards inevitable doom.  Overall, I loved this film for exactly what it is, a film that was totally original, so do yourself a favor, no matter what genre of film you prefer, check out Steve Desmond’s MONSTER.

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