I must say, the title to this film is all too fitting.  Since this film is only about 5 minutes long there is no hesitation in jumping right into the semi-established storyline.

MUTE centers around a group of unnamed young adults who are running through the woods as they are being chased by some type of maniac.  As the man somehow catches up, he commits a most disturbing act only to reveal the same has been done to him.

The filming location was actually quite visually pleasing as the characters run through a golden meadow and into what appears to be a roadside wood or possibly the wooded outskirts of a park.  As there is no back story it’s hard to determine but it looked great regardless.

The man himself, the one chasing the group, holds a very disgruntled look on his face as he basically hunts the young adults.  Possibly a backwoods slasher?  The movie doesn’t reveal that information but I did enjoy the look of the antagonist.

When the “gentleman” finally catches up with the young adults, you see them strung up and bloodied on a… giant log?  This is when my particular favorite scene happens and it involves some incredibly disturbing imagery that reminded me of a SPEAK NO EVIL relation.  Only my mind can conjure up the answers to my own unanswered questions about the short, but there was a reveal that sort of ties the short and title all together which I did really enjoy.

When it comes to the effects during the reveal, they were gruesome and left me feeling a bit grossed out which is something I always enjoy when viewing a film.  Overall, I enjoyed MUTE for what it was, however, I wish I could comparatively recommend other films.  Just watch it.  It’s on Vimeo and it’s definitely worth the five minutes of your life it will take to view it.

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