Camina Baruna?  Check
Granny panties?  Check
Frat boys no one will miss?  Check
Dramatic slow motion footage of piñatas getting beaten?  Check
Lots of awkward modern art of full frontal females?  Check
Crazy Abuela with a hook?  Check

Growing up in Southern California, I’ve seen a lot of piñatas, and more than likely, I’ve taken a stick to my fair share of the traditional donkey piñata, so when I was offered the opportunity to review KILLER PIÑATA, I HAD to swing at the chance!

Set in Chicago, Killer Piñata, written by Stephen Tramotana and Megan Macmanus, and directed by Stephen Tramontana, takes place during Thanksgiving weekend.  If Lindsey Goodman (Eliza-Jane Morris) had just gone out of town with her parents, none of this would have happened, and I would have missed out on some prime Saturday night fun!  Luckily for us all, Lindsey is having some questions about her sexuality and opts to stay home, and hang out with her friend Rosetta Stone (yes, I’m serious) (played by Lindsay Ashcroft).  The weekend gets derailed when the guys (Billy Chengary and Nate Bryan) show up.  Beer is had, drinking games commence, couples pair off, and the absorbent tissue paper carnage begins!

The killer piñata (Davinia Palmer) wants revenge for all the piñata deaths, and is starting now. Chased by an abuela with a hook (why would you get a functional prosthesis when you can have a hook?!), shopkeeper (Joette Waters) has discovered the piñatas secret, and goes in search of the demon papier-mache, but not before she gets distracted by some sexy-ass granny panties!

The piñata is a perv and will stop at nothing to exact its revenge!  As it picks everyone off and disposes of the evidence (well, kinda), we learn just how twisted this rainbow donkey is!  In the end, the virgin survives, and her more than understanding mom saves the say!

There is random gore, copious amounts of red tinged Karo syrup, tributes to Mike Tyson and Van Gogh, the stereotypical dad that doesn’t listen to his wife, thus causing his family’s suffering, and a mom that sets everything right.

Yeah, I would definitely recommend KILLER PIÑATA, the story (and the acting) is ridiculous, and fun!

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