As the popularity of Escape Rooms grow, guests are looking towards new ways of experiencing the thrills that these rooms have to offer.  For some, we aren’t content with the brain teasers that many of these games have, especially those of us who have a love for haunted attractions and the horror genre.  If you are looking for an escape room that offers a bit more than your average run-of-the-mill game, then look no further, because Escape Hotel has one of the most unique escape rooms that we’ve ever tried.

For those not familiar with Escape Hotel, it’s in the heart of Hollywood and has 7 unique and completely different rooms to choose from.  Their latest room, SLAUGHTER, boasts a difficult level of 5 stars and no one has been able to escape it since it’s opening.  Without giving away too much of the good stuff, you start this escape with a blindfold over your eyes and quite a difficult task to untangle from.  The story centers around an individual who has quite the appetite for slaughtering guests that make their way to the Hotel, and luckily for us, he isn’t in right now, but we are warned to expect him within an hour…

I will start things off by saying I have never done an escape room quite like SLAUGHTER. Granted it had some of the same tropes as other escape games, but it also manages to set itself apart by adding in aspects that I have never seen at any other escape room.  Upon entering the room, I was taken aback by the amount of design that went into making this space feel like a slaughter room.  When it comes to Escape Hotel in general, whoever is responsible for the design is at the top of their game because each room I’ve experienced has been designed impeccably.  Going back to the room at hand, I was mesmerized with everything around me, from the puzzling clues displayed upon the walls, to the bodies of the victims at the hands of this deranged individual.  And of course, always hovering nearby, was the giant digitized clock on the wall, counting down the minutes and seconds to what we could only hope would be our escape.

As I mentioned earlier, the difficulty for this room is at five stars, which is the highest level given to the escape games at Escape Hotel. I completely understand that the creators want to make their guests work hard at escaping, however, I think there’s a fine line in creating puzzles that are difficult compared to puzzles that are near impossible in figuring out.  For the most part, all the puzzles were difficult but with a lot of teamwork we were able to figure out the solution. However, there were a few cases where it felt as if the puzzles were set up so that we would fail.  I’m sure this isn’t the fault of the creators and I understand that they were trying to make something incredibly complicated for their guests to experience, but it’s important to make sure that the guests can, at some point, figure out what they are supposed to be doing.

My only other critique would be something that has happened previously at Escape Hotel. One of the items that we needed in order to help move along a puzzle was in a completely different room that we hadn’t even had the chance to enter yet. Though we were able to complete what needed to be done without this piece, having had it would have saved us a lot of time.  I also ran into a very similar issue when going through their DAYCARE room, in which one of the items that was needed in order to finish a puzzle was nowhere to be found.  For such an incredible experience that the Escape Hotel gives their guests, I’m surprised that issues such as this would pop up.  My only suggestion would be for them to double, even triple, check everything to make sure that all items are where they properly need to be.

Despite my few complaints, SLAUGHTER still manages to be an incredible and fully immersive game that far surpass the majority of their competitors.  My team and I did not escape, which says something because we ALWAYS escape.  There are very few escape games that have this caliber of design, not just in aesthetics but also in puzzle creations, and I have to hand it to Escape Hotel, they have something extremely special with their attraction.  If there is one thing I can say it’s that I’m looking forward to visiting them again soon so as to try out some of their other rooms such as WITCHCRAFT and COCAINE.  If you are a fan of escape rooms, especially ones that are extremely challenging, than I would highly suggest checking out SLAUGHTER.

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