Tonight we don’t “get the shaft” on the short film TROUSER SNAKE, written and directed by Alex DiVincenzo and James Cilano.  To give you an idea of what this short film entails, here’s a brief synopsis:

A night of necking at Lovers Lane gets the shaft when a monster rears it’s ugly head in TROUSER SNAKE,  a comedic send-up to 1950’s creature features.  

I always have a place in my heart for short films.  In fact, I probably watch as many shorts as I do actual full length films.  So needless to say, with a title like TROUSER SNAKE, I was interested to know what this movie was about.  Although I did have my assumptions…

The main character, Tom, is introduced to us while he is smooching up on who he refers to as, his best gal, in the front seat of his father’s “Hot Rod”.  Tom explains to his “best gal” that it may not be a good idea to further their physical intimacy at the time.  You see, Tom had seen a doctor who had informed him that he is just now going through puberty.  Tom continued to explain to the doctor his “issues” while beating around the bush, until the doctor finally understands what Tom is trying to say.  As the film progresses you really do begin to understand why the film is called TROUSER SNAKE.

I did enjoy the acting in this short as it was all very goofy with some rather silly quips and jokes that come from a slew of characters.  One of my favorite scenes is at the dinner table when Tom begins to panic because the “trouser snake” is getting riled up.  He immediately leaves the dinner table to which his father responds, “Did he ask to be dismissed?”  I love seeing terrible things happen in films featuring those old time values.  Even though this movie was not the same in any sense, it reminded me a bit of the beginning of Fred Dekker’s NIGHT OF THE CREEPS, which happens to be one of my personal favorite horror films.

The use of practical effects is evident in this short, especially when you see the monster for the first time.  I really enjoyed that aspect of the short as I found the monster itself to be quite hilarious looking which seemed to be in the direction they were trying to go with this.


I also found the music similar to the theme music of JAWS which is rather comical considering this film is about a killer penis!  It’s safe to say that if you enjoy films such as BAD MILO or pretty much any cult horror or TROMA film, I can almost guarantee that you’ll find happiness with TROUSER SNAKE!

TROUSER SNAKE is available to stream for free on YouTube

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