Are you Naughty or are you Nice?  I was definitely on the Naughty list at Sinister Pointe‘s “Not So Merry Holiday Haunt.”  Last weekend, I finally got a chance to go to a haunt representing the one and only Nightmarish Conjurings which got me in the mood!  For the holidays of course. Seriously, what were you thinking?

If you were bored during this holiday season eating turkey alone by the fireplace, than Sinister Pointe’s “Not So Merry Holiday Haunt” should have been on your list of things to do!  I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived to the Sinister Pointe location and saw how large the building was.  There were some awesome raunchy holiday videos projected on the side of the building and they kindly had hot chocolate provided in case you froze your butt of in the midnight hour.

I eventually entered the maze itself and got to take an awesome dirty photo with a crazy version of Santa and was a bit surprised when he reached for my naughty parts (my booty!).  I was actually expecting a bit tamer and scary Santa Claus.  I was highly entertained at how outrageous and sexualized the Christmas scare actors were in the haunt.  At one point, I was asked to prance like a reindeer and get down on all fours.  Also, the music in this haunt made me want to never stop dancing.

Further into the maze, you have to go through some tight dark hallways and even found myself climbing through every type of fireplace that they had.  Towards the end of the attraction, it reminded me a lot of the fun houses you go through as a kid, which is not what I was expecting, but really fell in love with stylistically.  Honestly, I was expecting something similar to the jump scares of Halloween Horror Nights or LA’s Haunted Hayride.

Overall, it was a night of everything I loved about grindhouse Christmas horror films.  You definitely felt like you were playing a character named Brittany, the blonde bimbo with big boobs in this haunt.  The colors and different effects could be compared to the feelings I had when I first saw the 1988 horror/comedy KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE. All I can say is that one of the last effects was like walking through a giant inflatable bubble.  It blew me away.  Thank you Sinister Pointe for putting on this awesome Holiday treat this year.  I cannot wait to see what Santa brings me next year!


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