For the December 6 release of Vito Trabucco’s NEVER OPEN THE DOOR, Devin March spoke with director Vito Trabucco about his latest film and what fans can expect to his homage to “The Twilight Zone.”

Devin March:  For those not familiar with your new film NEVER OPEN THE DOOR can you tell us a little bit about it? 

Vito Trabucco:  I always joke about how you can’t say the plot and make it sound interesting.  “A group of friends get together in a house and things go crazy.”  That’s essentially what the movie is about.

DM:  What was your overall influence on this film, aside from the already mentioned television shows?

VT:  My producer and co-writer Chris Maltauro’s grandfather is John Brahm, who directed many of our favorite “Twilight Zone” episodes.  That was the driving force I guess behind making the movie.

DM:  I found the concept of the film to be incredibly unique, how did you establish the concept of the film?

VT:  Thanks.  Alcohol and pot helps.  Chris and I just kept sending drafts back and forth until we liked where it was going.  I think I’m a little more objective about it than most writers/filmmakers. I think that helps when determining if your concept is good enough.

DM:  I interpreted the creature as some sort of vampire, was I correct to assume that or is it better left to the imagination?

VT:  It could be!  I always felt it was better left unsaid.  Or at least that’s what I say when I can’t think of a good answer.

DM:  How did you choose the actors?  They seemed to mesh together very naturally as if they’re friends in real life.

VT:  We were all friends from previous project.  Most I knew from my first feature BLOODY BLOODY BIBLE CAMP.  Everyone was cool and we all got along pretty well considering we were all trapped in that house together.

DM:  How long did it take to get the stabbing scene in the shower right?  That scene made me incredibly tense and I couldn’t stop wondering how long it took to film it!

VT:  That was my favorite scene to film I’m pretty sure.  Debbie Venegas and Mike Wood are great, underrated actors.  I’m pretty sure the close up of the stab is done outside with the shirt filled with snow.  I think so.  It was something really simple.  Those two sold it very well.

DM:  What can fans of yours look forward to from you in the future?

VT:  Debbie and I just wrapped a web-series we wrote and directed together called “Watch the Pretty Girls Suffer.”  It should be coming out around February.  I’m also nearing completion on a documentary I’m directing called HENCHEMAN: THE AL LEONG STORY.

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