Typically I am not into the “found footage” aspect of the horror genre.  I feel that THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT touched on that in a style that is incomparable and it makes it hard for me to get into anything else that is released lately.  Before we dive into RWD here’s a quick summary of the story:

Two men went searching for ghosts, but they found themselves instead…

The movie opens up with our two main characters searching for their primary film location for an episode of their ghost hunting vlog, Ghost Goofs.  The character that thus far has been primarily on screen is a “nerdy” insecure individual mainly concerned about his physical appearance during filming affecting his ability to “get pussy”.  This is always a primary topic of concern for our male protagonists within this genre so that felt pretty natural.  I mean I wasn’t like “C’mon really?”

The duo banter back and forth for a while before arriving at the location of their ghost hunting episode.  The location turns out to be the home of the “ancestors” of a family of individuals that were eaten alive during the early 1900s.  They roam the property and discover a dog which appears to be fairly scared of being on film, like the dog knows it’s being recorded, which is hella weird.  What I don’t understand is why they continuously navigate throughout these woods in the middle of the night?

Later, in an equally bad move, they decide to investigate a building that seems to have appeared out of nowhere.  The reason is the overused idea that they are choosing to stay in the terribly creepy building to continue filming for their show.  Without disclosing too much more, from an action standpoint their bad decision is good for the viewer as this is when the film starts to really get the ball rolling.

I had watched the trailer for this film prior to viewing it so I had an understanding of what the plot was, however, I could find it easy for a viewer to become easily confused while watching RWD.

Since this is a “found footage” type film, the camera is totally shakey, there’s a constant change of video filters and a bunch of weird lighting that surprisingly added to the tension. Typically, I hate that type of stuff and this type of movie, but there are some aspects that were generally “spooky” in my opinion.

Although I could poke holes throughout the plot of this movie all day, I actually enjoyed myself while viewing RWD.  There were moments where I could literally feel my own heart-beating from the tension and would be startled by some really effective yet goofy jump scares and loud, unsettling electronic noises.  I also have to give it up to the actors whom played their characters so well I really believed they were the crappy people they portrayed.  All in all RWD was a decent story and I can see myself re-watching this once more to share it with friends that are more into the found footage type of flick.

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