Man, this short bummed me out for a bit after watching it.  I did really enjoy it though!  For those who know nothing about it, here is the IMDB plot summary:

During a therapy session, Peter, a broken man, tells the tragic story of his wife, Mara.

Incredibly powerful and unsettling; LOVE IS DEAD touches on the horror and insecurities of long term relationships and marriage.  This film is NSFW as there is nudity, strong language and sexual content.  Please don’t let this prevent you from checking it out though.

Myself having been with my fiance for 10 years and getting ready to tie the knot in March of 2017, I am all too familiar with the roller coaster ride that is the ups and downs of a relationship. Although I have been blessed with an amazing and totally faithful, open and honest woman, this short still touched home for me.  During the first few years of my current relationship I was very suspicious based off of my previous experiences with other women.  Insecurities can totally get the best of you and sometimes take a physical toll on yourself, as shown in LOVE IS DEAD.

Coming from a separated household, my parents divorced when I was about 12 and I witnessed my parents act completely outside themselves.  I was old enough to understand that infidelity was the factor as well as a lack of positive communication and selfishness.  The thought of your significant other being unfaithful is completely gut wrenching, the thought and imagery of picturing your partner being physically unfaithful is something that can completely ruin a person. Infidelity in movies is something that gives me all the feels and something I find absolutely sickening.  I recall the first time I saw the movie JARHEAD, the man that continues to accuse his wife of cheating on him received a tape of his wife fucking the neighbor because of his continuous accusations and insecurities.  That stuck with me and to this day I still can’t watch that film.

Other than infidelity, LOVE IS DEAD also touches upon the subject of suicide.  Suicide is something that I have had to deal with time and time again in my life.  I have had to remove myself from situations that caused me to feel the need to end my own life and I’ve dealt with close friends and family that have experienced the same feelings.  Though I’ve moved forward towards a better place, suicide has remained a touchy subject for me.

LOVE IS DEAD is a short that was emotionally unnerving and I feel that the writing and acting portrayed practical emotions spot on.  Having been aware of Joanna Angel and Aaron “Small Hands” Thompson from “Burning Angels” prior to this short, I was incredibly eager to see the quality of their acting in what I anticipated to be a very emotional short.  Both playing complete emotional wrecks, they hit the nail directly on the head and knocked it straight through my bleeding heart.  Having been through counseling myself on multiple occasions, I know how incredibly difficult it can be to let go and speak on your underlying feelings.  This film just really hit home for me entirely and despite the low feelings I endured while watching, I loved it in its entirety.

Please do yourself a favor and check out LOVE IS DEAD.  Allow yourself to soak in the depressive and realistic atmosphere that this movie bleeds.

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