Going into this short, TIK-TIK, I knew nothing of Filipino folklore or the Aswang but I found myself very intrigued on what to expect.  The film was shot in Tagoloan with English subtitles throughout and as I mentioned in the past I have had difficulty with subtitles as they can be distracting to me. However, regardless of my beef with subtitles, this short held my interest during the entirety of its duration.

There was an overall creepy feeling throughout the entire short because the story of the Aswang is terrifying. The narrator, whom I’m assuming is a grown version of the little girl in the short, created a sense of dread with her completely haunting voice.  The pregnant woman that was delivering the child did an incredible job at portraying the pain of childbirth which gave me a feeling of tension deep within my gut.  Even though the ending felt a bit too open-ended for my taste, it didn’t deter me from enjoying this short, especially since there was a sense of horror from start to finish.

The only criticism I really found was that the duration of TIK-TIK was very short. I think that was the writers intention though and in the end it left me wanting more.  Overall, I really enjoyed TIK-TIK and got a bit of Filipino folklore education in an unconventional way.  It was entertaining all the way through and this is definitely a short I would recommend people checking out.

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