Peter Cambell’s TAKING POSSESSION takes us out into the middle of nowhere, an escape from the rat race.

“You wanted isolation; there’s no wifi, your phone won’t get any reception, storms are always knocking out the power, and, uh, your nearest neighbor is about 20 minutes away when driving non-icy roads.” 

Martin Huss is Isaac, and he wants some peace and quiet.  He meets with his realtor, Ashleigh, played by Jemma Robinson, in front of his new home.  As they enter for a look around his purchase, Isaac wonders why people would leave behind so much stuff, or move away from such a beautiful home…but, did they really leave stuff behind?  Did the last family truly move on?

As his first night in his new home winds down, everything seems normal, until he is startled awake whilst reading in front of the fireplace.  This is where the movie picks up speed, and gets fun!

The shooting location is a beautiful old farmhouse (150 years according to the movie), with great details; I’d probably watch this again just to see the staircase one more time.  The location definitely sets the tone for the film, and is clearly more than just a place to film, this home is a character in and of itself, and it takes a special home to take on a role in a film.

TAKING POSSESSION takes place far away from civilization, with no cell reception or WiFi, the house is two stories, plus attic and basement, and the protagonist is there by himself. I can’t handle large homes with lots of rooms, all that space, who knows when someone has snuck in and is waiting to slit your throat or worse?  No cell reception, and storms frequently knock out the power?!  I would be curled up in a neurotic ball in a puddle of my own pee in that situation…no way in hell!  Last but not least, it takes place in BFE nowhere…I can’t even handle living in the suburbs, being in the forest freaks me out (there are psycho killers in forests!!! What is wrong with these people?!), and being out on a farm?  Nope.  This movie pretty much hit on all my deepest fears, so I’m gonna give it two big thumbs up!

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