I want to start this review by stating that the cinematography was excellent and their choice of camera effects were highly entertaining.  The opening of this short, CONSTANCE, gives the viewer some weird imagery of a cemetery and a weird little girl dressed in an older style garb; the best way to describe her would be like a less dark Wednesday Addams.  We learn that what we saw was an apparent reoccurring nightmare from our main character, who suddenly awakes and goes to the kitchen for some tea.  When her roommate wakes, our main character begins to explain her nightmare though her roommate is dismissive about it.


The imagery that we saw of this woman’s nightmare becomes even more unsettling as it starts to become reality.


The imagery of her nightmare and the way it’s filmed and the effects chosen were very reminiscent of shows like “American Horror Story”, which was a nice little nod in my opinion. One thing I didn’t really understand is why there was a guy hanging in the beginning of this short as it just didn’t seem relevant, though it was entertaining regardless.  Something that I really liked was the movements of the little girl in the dreams combined with the camera effects that resulted in a really eerie atmosphere which had a slight resemblance to Samara from THE RING.

Just as the main character begins to have a very brief downward spiral, BOOM, the short is pretty much over.  The ending was a bit mild but the entire short was done in good taste in my opinion.  It’s not the typical horror that I look for but it was entertaining throughout.  I would consider it appropriate for family as it had a bit of an “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” type of feel from start to finish, besides the hanging guy in the beginning, though the nineties didn’t hold back too much on kids shows.  I did feel like it could be an interesting full length film as it flows really nicely with the current popularity of the paranormal films that are circulating throughout the film industry.  In conclusion, though I had a few gripes with the short I did find it entertaining and enjoyed the acting throughout.

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