Jay Randall’s THE JOGGER takes us on a quick tour through the mindset of someone embarking on a new health regime completely unprepared.  The Jogger, played by Mike Paterson, is all of us that have stepped onto a scale and decided change is needed, like right now!  As he attacks his first “healthy” meal of plain toast, fat free yogurt, and coffee, he’s already setting himself up for failure…or is he?

As he hits the park for his first jog, he encounters the stereotypes that make us all feel like we could do better.  As he ponders the mistakes of his breakfast and lack of fuel it provided, The Jogger is approached by two more stereotypes, what can be described as the quarterback and head cheerleader, and they’re just as mean as they were in high school.  Poke the bear enough, and you’ll get your just desserts…or maybe the bear will just have you for dessert.

I really liked the way this was filmed, the voice-over as inner monologue worked really well, and gave a constant look inside The Jogger’s mind, taking us on his journey to self improvement. Just remember kids, protein is important to fuel your body before a workout!

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