GHOST CAN, a short written by Jordan Barnes-Crouse and Carolyn Williams, takes up on a first date with Josie and Peter, who have crossed paths on a dating app.  Josie, playing quite effectively by Ariel Hansen, is largely unimpressed with her suitor.  Peter, portrayed by Tyler Weeks, is already needy, clingy, obsessive, the kind of date that will immediately have you rolling your eyes and texting your friends from the bathroom so one of them will call you with an emergency escape route…apparently Josie couldn’t reach any of her friends.

Just when Josie thought things couldn’t get any worse, a fairy godmother of sorts appears in the guise of a carny, who offers Peter one throw, hit or miss, at a ball tossing game.  Peter wins or loses depending on your perspective, and takes his ‘prize’, a dented up can containing a vile ghost.  In a romantic gesture, the can goes home with Josie.

Once home, Peter continues to show us how needy he is, Josie shows us how over it she is, and the ghost-can shows us how vile it’s inhabitant truly is.  High fives all around!

The acting is surprisingly good, the effects are perfectly cheesy, the storyline is perfect for the amount of time allotted…GHOST CAN is totally worth four minutes of your day!  Two thumbs up!

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