Just in time for Thanksgiving, I had the opportunity to watch the horror-comedy short INVADERS, written and directed by Jason Kupfer, and I was thrilled to watch a Thanksgiving flick within the horror genre.

I have to start by saying that the element of comedy in this short was right up my alley.  The film starts with two guys (Jordan Woods-Robinson and Ricky Wayne from “The Walking Dead”) scouting out a house to rob and plotting their crime.  They’re like a fucked up version of Harry and Marv from HOME ALONE as they’re a pair of characters where you could really tell who was the “brains of the operation”. I was immediately invested into their acting although their roles were short lived.  The cinematography plays a particularly key role in this short and I loved it for that.  The camera angles created a sense of tension during certain scenes even though you know it’s supposedly a comedy.  The masks they chose for the invader were actually really unsettling but still funny based off a specific line in the movie after a particularly gruesome scene.

I had no sense of where the film was taking me but then BAM, it gets brutal really quickly!  I loved the gratuitous use of blood and the amount of violence that was quickly packed into the under seven minute short.  The ending happened unexpectedly due to being so invested with what was going on that I wasn’t paying attention to the amount of time I had already been watching.  I think that INVADERS is a great concept for a full length film and I would love to see that happen.  If you are a fan of “The Walking Dead” then I would definitely recommend checking this out because the special effects would be right up your alley as they were fantastic!  Overall, this short was highly entertaining and a perfect addition to the Thanksgiving holiday.

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