Hi there, ghosts and ghouls!  I’m back with another review of a Full Moon Features classic: MERIDIAN!

I had honestly never heard of this film until it was offered to me for review, but being the crazy Full Moon freak that I am, of course, I jumped on the opportunity to give this film a watch, since it’s being released on Blu-ray on October 24th.

The film was originally released in 1990, but the feel of it is pretty timeless.  While the film itself is kind of cheesy, as most Full Moon films are, this one feels different…almost classic in a way.  It aged well as it doesn’t require the use of many special effects to tell a weird, twisted love story, abound with orgies, creatures, and a sideshow that’ll make you want to skip the circus for the rest of your life.

MERIDIAN tells the story of Catherine, who inherits her family’s castle in Italy after her father’s death.  Her best friend Gina comes to visit, and the two of them visit a sideshow together. Afterwards, they invite the head magician and his band of “freaks” back to her castle, where they’re both seduced by the magician, but he allows his twin brother to sleep with Catherine. After their romp, she begins seeing a dead woman’s apparition in the castle (but I can’t tell you who it is because spoilers are a thing) and realizes that she’s a part of a sinister curse that’s been around for centuries.

The movie is basically “Beauty and the Beast” on crack, minus the talking furniture.  The curse can only be lifted with love, which is obviously hard to do when the dude you slept with can shape-shift to hide the fact that he looks like a werewolf.

I’m going to be totally honest when I say that the film itself is a fun watch, but it’s not the most memorable, apart from the gratuitous sex scenes that pop up every half hour.  If that’s your thing, then you will absolutely love this film.  With that being said, I would still give it a watch if you’re looking for something mindless on a Sunday night when you’re trying to meal-prep and get your life together for the upcoming week.

You all know what a huge Full Moon fan I am, which is why I can’t say too many negative things about this film.  The B-movie style always has a soft-spot for me, because I think of all of the Puppet Master films and immediately find myself not caring how good or bad the movie is.

Full Moon will always have a special place in my heart, so I will always continue to review their films regardless of what I think of them…but with that being said, I don’t really have too much to say about this one.  It’s cute, it’s kind of funny, but it’s definitely not scary.  HOWEVER: definitely check out the Blu-ray upon it’s release on October 24th!

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