Thus far, 2016 has been a great year for short films. I’ve seen a numerous amount, each one varying in style and direction. I have to say that FEEDING TIME would make my top favorites list, as this film has a personality all its own, showcasing characteristics that make it stand out.

Written and directed by Matt Mercer, FEEDING TIME is quite unique, displaying a fun and suspenseful storyline. After receiving a cancellation text from a friend, Sasha (Stacy Snyder) agrees to take her place for a babysitting position. A seemingly easy night’s work for some rather eccentric parents (played by Graham Skipper and Najarra Townsend) quickly turns into a dangerous turn of events. There’s something not quite right about this spooky old house, leading Sasha down a curious path that contains deadly results.

Exhibiting great direction, ominous sequences and flawless acting, FEEDING TIME presents to the viewer a film that connects within itself perfectly. It is just as eerie as it is enjoyable, with scenarios ranging from humorous to hesitant, with the perplexing notion that something really is wrong. You as the audience feel a rising hint of suspicion, which coincides with the plot’s steady growth. These elements play nicely alongside of Steve Moore’s masterful score, setting a rather fitting tonality for the events to come.

While displaying professional directing skills, Mercer also demonstrates his abilities towards perfecting and choosing the right elements for his vision. The cast is exceptional, with each role being heightened by their chosen actor’s performances. As stated earlier, the feeling of suspense is there, making itself known through the subtle (and questionable) choices of home décor, which mask themselves underneath the humor of the babysitter’s lovesick attachment to her phone. It’s all very clever, yet fun, having each aspect crafted appropriately to its purpose in the film.

As a whole, FEEDING TIME is excellent fun and will not disappoint its audience. It’s an enjoyable short that will entertain you up until its surprising finale, holding onto your interest throughout its entirety. Be sure to catch this horror gem as it continues to pop up in festivals around the country and internationally.

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