It seemed almost certain when we were introduced to the TV show “My Roanoke Nightmare” that this was the set up for the rest of the latest season of AMERICAN HORROR STORY.  As it turns out, we were half right.  While the re-enactments have come to an end, the real Matt and Shelby shed some light as the behind-the-scenes drama has caused a strain in their relationship.  In a surprising turn of events (and rather funny one), Shelby has a weekend fling with Dominic Banks (Cuba Gooding Jr), the actor who played Matt on TV and now their marriage is on the rocks. Naturally, drama makes great television and producer Sidney (Cheyenne Jackson) knows this and somehow manages to get everyone together to return to the allegedly haunted property.

When I say everyone is back, I mean both the players and the ones who played them.  However, Agnes (Kathy Bates) gets a restraining order placed on her (on camera of course) as she took her role of The Butcher a little too seriously and attacked fellow pedestrians around Hollywood. This piece of paper is obviously a tactic to get Agnes enraged enough to crash the set in character and create some genuine scares.  We even got a hilarious 911 call from Audrey (Sarah Paulson) scared of Agnes pounding down the door in order to possibly steal her Saturn Award.

Speaking of Audrey, it turns out she’s British and engaged to Rory (Evan Peters), who she met on the set of “My Roanoke Nightmare.”  She’s a self absorbed actress who knows how to work her charm on camera, but the tension between Lee and her counterpart, Monet (Angela Bassett) was fun to watch.  Due to Monet’s portrayal, all of America is convinced that Lee killed her ex-husband which only motivates Lee to return to Roanoke to prove himself innocent.  Monet has turned to the bottle, fresh out of rehab and it clearly isn’t working as semi-hidden cameras catch her drinking.

The sleazy Sidney gets Shelby to return as she hopes the experience with a large group of people will rekindle the romance with Matt on the condition that Dominic is not there.  Sidney agrees, but quickly proves to be a liar as Dominic shows up at the door towards the end of the episode and gets into a physical altercation with Matt.

This new phase of AMERICAN HORROR STORY: ROANOKE is the result of the fake success of “My Roanoke Nightmare,” which apparently even beat THE WALKING DEAD in ratings. Becoming a pop culture phenomenon, a follow up series was quickly ordered to play off its success and Sidney comes up with “Return to Roanoke: Three Days in Hell,” which is a meta take on the series, involving the stars and everyone behind the scenes.  However, things don’t seem so made up as on set mishaps occur before the actors even arrive.  A bizarre chainsaw accident leaves a crew member headless and bloody fetal pigs are left in a cult like shape.  This doesn’t do anything to scare Sidney away, but as soon as the stars move in, the nightmare begins and Rory ends up dead when our killer nurses make their return and stab him to death. Title cards inform us that everyone involved ends up dead, except one.  Who will be our sole survivor I’m sure is the question that will set AHS fans ablaze on social media and I can’t wait to enjoy the ride!

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