This past Wednesday, I was lucky enough to end up at Screamfest Film Festival 2016, this year representing Nightmarish Conjurings.  Thanks again to founder Shannon McGrew for giving me the chance to view all the amazing f-d up horror flicks I’m obsessed with

FEAR, INC. premiered at Screamfest this year, drawing in a huge crowd of our slasher horror fans of the dark and bloody Hollywood and I had the pleasure of watching this one on the big screen. Bringing us a fun movie about a horror addict, Joe Foster (Lucas Neff) with his girlfriend, Lindsey Gains (Caitlin Stasey) play a sugar mama and stoner.  One night they have a double date party with two of their friends, played by Chris Marquette and Stephanie Drake, where Joe decides to take the party to another level by calling a company called, FEAR, INC. that brings their customer’s greatest fears to life.

I enjoyed FEAR, INC. as a fun midnight slasher movie and the characters reminded of those along the lines of CABIN IN THE WOODS.  This was a film where the main characters did not have much depth but it allowed for a lighter comedic vibe to the film.  The beginning had some common party dialogue and it did not go too into depth with the play on the haunt community. There were some commercial movie references in the film, such as torture devices one would expect from films like SAW but I would say that the strongest element of the film would be the horror slasher angle, especially after the first disappearance of a main character.  I really loved the type of kills that were done and the fake rubber hands involved with the film.  It also had a torture porn element towards the ending that I adored.

Overall, FEAR, INC. was a good watch for those that are fans of seeing hot college type characters getting murdered and maybe not so much for those who are looking for indepth character development. As a midnight slasher film though, it would be a nice watch once in a blue mood and definitely a fun viewing experience with an audience.  Hearing a woman scream at a jumpscare was definitely my favorite movie moment while viewing FEAR, INC. 

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