This past weekend, I was fortunate enough to attend the first ever Brooklyn Horror Film Festival in New York City.  Even though I was only able to attend on Saturday, I saw a ton of great films, met some fun people, and had a splendid time.  The first movie of the day was the world premiere of PSYCHOTIC!: a super fun horror flick that was just as entertaining as it was gory.

Directed by Maxwell Frey and Derek Gibbons, this ode to 80s slasher films is one of a kind. PSYCHOTIC! is numerous genres balled up into one, showcasing horror, comedy, 80s throwback, and a splash of psychedelic elements.  The premise revolves around a group of hipsters living in Bushwick, who live it up through parties, playing in bands, and smoking weed – until a masked psychopath begins killing them off one by one.  This masked lunatic is growing more dangerous by the second, but what’s really dangerous is that it may be someone within the group of friends.

I must say, I had such a good time viewing this flick.  The cast and crew were all in attendance, which made for a great atmosphere.  It felt like everyone in the room was sharing the same experience, while laughing and cringing during certain scenes simultaneously.  The throwback feel of the 80s along with the over the top gore sequences were on point, giving this film a personality all its own.

PSYCHOTIC! is one of those films that was driven by passion, and shows dedication through its creative death scenes, clever comedic scenarios, and genre-induced entertainment.  I highly recommend this film – it is a good time all around, and with a poster like that, how can you not be interested?

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