Philadelphia Unnamed Film Festival Movie Review: BAD BLOOD (2016)

This past weekend, Philadelphia held its PUFF festival (Philadelphia Unnamed Film Festival), showcasing a bunch of great new independent movies and shorts.  I was unfortunately unable to attend in person, but I was able to see BAD BLOOD, a very fun and modern creature feature, which played at the festival Saturday evening.

BAD BLOOD is not your average horror flick – it puts a creative spin on the werewolf genre, but instead of a hairy beast that howls at the moon, we get something a little more slimy and amphibious.  Directed by Tim Reis, BAD BLOOD focuses on Victoria, a girl who attemps to take a break from hectic college life to find herself, but ends up becoming entangled in a vicious life-changing event.  With parents who think she’s abusing drugs, along with a retired cop with massive PTSD out to find her, Victoria seeks the help from a local gas station attendant (who is also a biologist) to find a cure for the rapid and dangerous changes that are taking place inside of her.

Above anything else, this film is incredibly fun and enjoyable to watch.  The plot comes off as being a little whacky, but it works well, while also including humor and some great, over the top gore effects.  There are many elements within BAD BLOOD that stand out and set a good atmosphere for the type of film that it is: from the hints of nostalgia within the hand-painted signs and candy wrappers, to the design of the creature and special effects, down to the comical bits thrown amongst the violence, BAD BLOOD will entertain and keep you guessing.

I think it would be incredibly hard not to have a good time while watching this flick.  BAD BLOOD has a little something for everyone, giving off a very 90s vibe in regards to its plot, effects, and lighting.  If you enjoy a good dark comedy with fun effects and some cringe-worthy scenes and a perfect score to match, then BAD BLOOD is exactly what you’re looking for.

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