It was questionable when season six of AMERICAN HORROR STORY was closer to airdate how involved Lady Gaga was going to be.  After FREAKSHOW, fans were disappointed to learn that Jessica Lange was leaving the show after helping it become one of the most influential programs on telelvision.  Once that finale aired, Ryan Murphy made it quickly known with a teaser that pop-star Lady Gaga was going to become our new leading lady and the reaction was strong.  While the faithful scoffed at the idea, those familiar with Gaga were already aware of the singer’s bizarre onstage tactics and how she embraces all that is weird.  Her role of The Countess in HOTEL proved nonbelievers wrong, earning her a Golden Globe award and adding some fresh blood to probably the most graphic season of the series.

In the first couple episodes of ROANOKE, she had a blink and you’ll miss role, but now “Chapter 4” gives us a full Wikipedia entry into her witch character who really just wants some good loving.  She was supposedly a good English girl back in the day but was found guilty of witchcraft and escaped by killing those who imprisoned her.  She seduces The Butcher when her colony doesn’t take too well to a new way of living.  The lost Roanoke colony didn’t just disappear, they actually migrated to the property where Matt and Shelby now live.  It was there that The Butcher poisoned everyone then hacked them up and offered herself to the witch, forcing all their souls to forever roam the land.  It’s in this sacrifice the colonists now are enslaved by The Butcher, even if characters like Priscilla don’t like how things are run.

Speaking of Priscilla, she was used as a sacrifice to a darker god for The Butcher before the big massacre and is now just seeking a friend, which is why Flora is being dragged into this.  She seems to be the most friendly of the ghosts, but in AMERICAN HORROR STORY, who can we really trust?

Our friendly neighborhood psychic, Cricket, makes his welcomed return, interacting and learning about the colony and promises to get Flora back.  However, things don’t turn out too great for him as he heads back to his hotel until Flora runs out in front of his Uber as he was in the direction of possibly propositioning his driver into gay for pay terrority.  Cricket follows her into the woods, successfully getting her back home but ends up as The Butcher’s sacrifice.  The Butcher holds up her cleaver to Shelby and Matt in a threatening manner, leaving viewers with a promising cliffhanger.

There was a heavy load of back story in this episode, taking away from some of the scare factor, but I enjoy a good origin tale.  What I’m curious about it how the season will continue to hold my attention after already explaining so much, but supposedly we are in for something big in Episode 6.  The season feels well thought out so far so I just have to believe the best has yet to come.

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