Blu-ray/DVD Review: THE MIND’S EYE (2015)

THE MIND’S EYE was fairly close to the top of my must-see movies list of 2015, immediately grabbing my attention upon its arrival to the independent horror scene.  With that being said, let’s get down to business…

This film was definitely worth the wait, and peaked my interest on multiple levels.  Through certain elements, THE MIND’S EYE manages to throw the viewer back to the 1980s while also maintaining a modern composure.  From the chosen cast down to the lighting and effects, this movie definitely delivered on aspects that, to me, make an enjoyable movie worth watching more than once.

Directed by Joe Begos, THE MIND’S EYE gears its primary focus towards telekinesis, and the individuals containing these abilities.  These telekinetic abilities become sought after by one power-hungry man determined to physically harvest them for his own personal use, leaving the main character’s lives in jeopardy.  Without diving into greater detail to avoid giving anything away, THE MIND’S EYE will take hold of your excitement and keep you guessing throughout the duration of the film… and you might see the explosion of a head or two.

When watching a film, certain elements must be present (and dominant) in order to grab my attention.  If a film is lacking in certain areas, but stronger in others, I can still look past the weak elements and appreciate the film as a whole.  With that being said, I can honestly say that I have found nothing within THE MIND’S EYE that I consider a weak element.  This movie has a lot of energy, and isn’t predictable in the slightest.  Not only did I recognize the entirety of the cast from other films, they were all spot-on for their characters. Along with having a great cast, I found the lighting and color scheme to be very fulfilling in regards to the atmosphere.  The soft neon of extreme blues and pinks, which made themselves present in a majority of the scenes, really gives you that throwback feeling, making the film stand out.

If you enjoy creative storylines, fun thrills, and copious amounts of amazing death scenes, then I highly recommend watching THE MIND’S EYE.  I enjoyed it as a whole, from its high-energy atmosphere down to its synthesizer score; this was nothing less than a fun, enjoyable film to watch.

THE MIND’S EYE is now available to own on DVD ($27.97) and Blu-ray ($29.97) and is directed by Joe Begos (ALMOST HUMAN) and stars Graham Skipper (ALMOST HUMAN), Lauren Ashley Carter (PREMIUM RUSH), John Speredakos (FANTASTIC FOUR) and Noah Segan (LOOPER).

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