This will be my fourth Halloween in ‘The OC’, yes, that OC.  Since I’ve moved here, I’ve had several customers at various retail jobs take one look at me and ask if I’ve been to the Roger’s Gardens Halloween Boutique.  A couple days ago, I finally dragged the husband down to Corona Del Mar (next door to Newport Beach) for a visit…

The Boutique is located inside a gorgeous nursery with knowledgeable staff.  Oh. My. Cthulhu. The Boutique…THE BOUTIQUE!  Let me start off by saying I have a deep seated hatred for cheesy Halloween decorations, and bats are my favourite animals, so when I see half assed decorations and terrible looking bloody bats on the shelves I cringe.  You will not find that at Roger’s Gardens. This years offering is curated, yes, I said curated, someone comes in and curates this, and their other holiday boutiques (XMS, Thanksgiving, and Easter, I believe) to a classic, Gothic Grimm’s Fairytales.  Upon entry, I was greeted by huge stone pumpkins that evoked a sense of Hagrid’s garden, and then a library of fluttering book pages, continuing a gorgeous Harry Potter euphoria that I’m not sure they intended upon, but whatever, it made me squeee, so I’m not going to argue. It was dark, and beautiful, and sparklie.  Little Red Riding Hood.  Snow White.  Cinderella. Sleeping Beauty.  The displays were rife with hand made art & curios, some beautiful handmade pieces, some already sold paintings that are just odd enough and beautiful enough that you’d want to leave them up all year, reproduction decorations from the 1920s – 1960s, gilded cages, a beautiful glass coffin lid to view and protect Snow White, a wolf hiding in Grandma’s bed begging you to come closer, blown glass ornaments…the list could go for quite some time.  I never wanted to leave, and with their nice little cafe on premises with a delicious seasonal menu, you can easily make an afternoon or early evening of the Boutique and nursery.

The Boutique can be a bit pricey, but I did find beautiful things to fit even the smallest wallets, and with free parking on site, it’s worth the trip just to ooh & aah.

Roger’s Gardens is located at 2301 San Joaquin Hills Road, Corona Del Mar, CA 92625 and they can be reached at (949) 640-5800.  Currently they are open daily from 9am – 7pm, but I recommend calling to verify beforehand as they have seasonal and holiday hours.

For more information, check out their website at

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