Indie Horror Short Film Review: ME2 (2016)

Good evening creepy coffin cats!  Tonight’s review is of a short film titled “ME2” written and directed by Alex J. Mann and brought to us by Space Oddity Films.  As this short opens up it begins progressing fairly fast with a soundtrack that is slightly unnerving because I have no idea what to really expect; however, I knew it would be good because Space Oddity films hasn’t let me down in the past.

Our main character is clearly incredibly vain as we see her gawk at her own photos and squeeze her “fat” while looking at a mirror in disgust with herself.  As we continue to watch our character admire herself in Instagram photos she begins to notice something strange.  To me, this scene was very reminiscent of films like THE RING or DEMONS 1 & 2 or even ALL HALLOW’S EVE.  This type of fear is something that isn’t too often touched on so I definitely enjoyed the climax as it made the ending of this short film great.  Roles have flipflopped which creates such an excellent disturbing final image that burns into your mind.  The cinematography throughout the entire film was incredible clean and the acting was believable which is always a nice breath of fresh air when you’re watching up and coming features. Overall, I really enjoyed ME2 and I’m happy to say that Space Oddity films hasn’t let me down! I will definitely recommend this short to others as I have already recommended other films from Space Oddity Films!

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