Indie Horror Movie Review: 2 JENNIFER (2016)

“Two filmmakers attempt to make the perfect sequel to ‘To Jennifer,’ however a dark secret threatens the lives of everyone involved.  Jennifer, a beautiful actress, now has two options: become the heroine of the film, or face a brutal death.” 

The opening to 2 JENNIFER and the synopsis had me interested immediately.  It had been awhile since I had reviewed a full length screener so it definitely felt like a nice breath of fresh air. “Ahhhhh” I exhale as I start to become visually and psychologically invested into this film and the fact that it was shot entirely on an iPhone was something that impressed me from the beginning.

The film opens up to our director, Spencer (Hunter Johnson), creepily and vaguely speaking about the movie.  As Spencer calls his friend Mack (David Coupe) to help him on the “2 JENNIFER” project, the characters begin to bicker which created very strong feelings of tension. Thus far the acting is believable and I find myself becoming more intrigued.  The filming quality is almost as good as any found footage film which is remarkable as it’s filmed on a cellphone.

As the movie begins to unfold I start to realize that Spencer is a total creeper.  When he lands in LA and meets up with his friend Mack, Mack brings Spencer to his apartment to meet his roommates.  They threw a quick little joke in that played on the fact that Mack’s two roommates are named Dennis and Charlie, presumably from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” which I love so I appreciated that humor.  The lightheartedness of that scene reminded me that I was watching a horror comedy and that allowed some of my anxiety to subside.  I have no idea where the hell this movie is taking me but that allows me to have no assumptions which I appreciate as I hate being able to predict movies.

As we proceed on, Spencer’s sheer creepiness continues to rear its disturbing face.  He’s not really “scary” but his persona is unsettling as he completely obsessed over his vision of this movie and finding the “right Jennifer”.  One of my favorite parts of this film was Felissa Rose’s cameo!  It was so relevant for me because I had the chance to meet her this past weekend at Midsummer Scream in Long Beach, CA.  Her scene was incredibly powerful and really helped build onto how much of a dick Spencer’s character was.

After hours of Jennifer casting calls by multiple women actually named Jennifer, Spencer finally finds the one he wants – Jennifer Todd.  Mack begins to realize that Spencer is a bit of a weirdo as he makes comments on his physical attraction to Jennifer and Spencer doesn’t reply in the way that a typical heterosexual man would.  Honestly though, what is “typical” in 2016 anyways? A bit of jealousy begins brewing between Mack and Spencer as it becomes more evident that Mack seems to be a bit more then physically attracted to the chosen Jennifer. After countless attempts to contact the director of JENNIFER they get linked up with him at a party he is hosting which is when shit hits the fan.

The constant bickering between Spencer and Mack is so smooth and believable.  When a bit of a blow out happens between the two I really felt for Mack because he knows he got sucked into some psycho Spencer shit, and I really mean psycho.  I really appreciate that the entire movie up until the climax made me believe this was going to be some loosely horror/comedy flick.  Man was I wrong!  The climax is spectacular!  The only thing I thought was predictable was who the killer was but regardless I loved watching everything unravel.  All in all, I was highly impressed with 2 JENNIFER and have recommended it since watching.  It is very unique and it even had a few disturbing twists and turns that you will totally not expect!

2 JENNIFER is due out on cable VOD / streaming services in August, and DVD in October.

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