Hello again, ghosts and ghouls!  I know, it’s been forever since I’ve had a chance to talk to you all about the awesome things going on in the horror world right now.  Between wedding planning and puppy training (and a full time job), horror somehow took the back burner.  That doesn’t make me happy.

What DOES make me happy is when I am gifted a copy of a book by one of my favorite horror authors that I get to read on my lunch break!  Who might that be, you ask?  It’s someone you all know and love because I review his stuff every single time I can get my hands on it…the ineffable Jeremy Megargee!

This time around, he sent me a copy of his newest novel, OLD HOLLOW.  It’s a story about Asher, a hermit living int he mountains of West Viriginia, who decides to make a trip into town at, well, the worst possible time ever.  When he arrives, he has no idea about what evil lurks around every corner.  Now, in the apocalypse of Old Hollow, Asher befriends a group of survivors desperate to make it out of the town alive, but they have no idea what they’re up against.

Every time Jeremy writes a new book, his writing is more beautiful than the last.  The growth I’ve seen since I had the chance to read DIRT LULLABIES is exponential.  His storytelling skills are out of this world, and the way he writes is, in a word, delicious.  Something about the way he creates these characters and places them in these little worlds that we are just lucky enough to experience is like a fine wine, it gets better with age and always sneaks up on you and makes you a little woozy when you’re finished.  Weird analogy?  Just me?  Whatever.

Now, I don’t want to give too much away, because for a majority of the beginning of the novel, the basis of this evil isn’t even really eluded to.  You kind of have no idea who they are or where they came from, but there is no holding back on the gore front.  I mean, he REALLY goes for it.  Eyeballs being popped, entrails being ripped out, and the like.

What I can say about this book is the topic (that I don’t want to give away) isn’t always my cup of tea, but I’m really excited to branch out and try other books and films like it after reading this novel because I think I never really gave them a chance.  I really feel as if they’re made into a cliche but somehow, Jeremy turns them into this beautifully insane pack of magical creatures.  I think I gave it away… humor me?

As I say with all of my reviews of Jeremy’s books (after all, he has very quickly skyrocketed to be one of my favorite horror authors ever), you NEED to go out and get this novel.  And all of his other novels.  If you haven’t by now, you’re really behind on your reading game.

I’m so excited to be back, and I’m seriously honored that this is my first review since jumping back on the creepy bandwagon!  If you’ve read any of Jeremy’s novels (or especially OLD HOLLOW), let me know!  (LET’S TALK ABOUT IT, PLEASE!!!)

Until next time, ghosts and ghouls, stay spooky!

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