When most of us think of Hell, we think of fire and brimstone as well as devils and Satan.  But what if Hell was more than that.  What if Hell actually wasn’t any of that and instead it was a party for those who wanted to (ironically) celebrate life, sin, and some damn good disco music and performances?  Drunken Devil’s latest performance, L’Enfer: An Infernal Discotheque is exactly that.  We get to dance with the Drunken Devil himself while we mingle with like-minded individuals, get our fortune read, enjoy some sinful cocktails and watch live burlesque and magic performances.

When I arrived at L’Enfer I was immediately taken with the design setup.  It was simple yet effective, with a few tables to stand at while you drink and mingle along with vintage-style couches and ottomans.  As an Interior Designer by trade, I was already sold with the minimalist approach.  Along with the comfortable seating arrangements there were three box trucks that featured some amazing Graffiti work, the DRUNKEN DEVIL sign in bright lights, and a tarot card reader nestled inside the guts of the box truck. Not to be late to his own party, the Drunken Devil himself was seen walking around and entertaining guests with his undeniable charm and humor.  All of this was a visual feast for the eyes and soul and I was immediately hooked.

As the evening continued on, we were informed that we would be invited inside of the venue, located at the Superchief Gallery, for performances by Burlesque stars Madeline Sinclair and Scarlette Fox, along with comedy magician by Jimmy H.  The performances by Madeline Sinclair and Scarlette Fox were top notch and breathtaking, especially when Ms. Fox performed her aerial routine and magician Jimmy H. wowed the crowd with tricks that, quite frankly, I had never seen before.   The performances were done in a space that was very reminiscent of a vintage hair salon with a red color hue washed throughout the area.  There was a beautiful chandelier that hung from the center of the room which, when the light hit it just right, it looked as if crystals were dancing off the walls.  The entire vibe; the performances the magic the music, all came together in perfect harmony.  As the entertainment came to a close, the Drunken Devil himself brought owner, Matt Dorado, onto the stage.  As Matt thanked everyone, he grew quiet and we could see emotions playing out on his face as he explained why this show meant so much to him.  He was dedicating L’Enfer to those who had been affected by the tragedy at Club Pulse in Orlando and he wanted to let everyone know that we were all in a safe place.  He wanted this night to be one of remembrance of those that were lost as well as a place where we could be free to love and accept everyone as they are.  It was a beautiful and touching moment and it brought the entire event full circle.

As the night began to come to an end, Matt invited everyone to stay and dance with the Drunken Devil to disco music performed by DJ Aiden Ramos.  I unfortunately was not able to stay for this, but the feedback I got was that everyone had a wonderful time.  Overall, I really enjoyed L’Enfer: An Infernal Discotheque and have been lucky enough to see Matt Dorado and Drunken Devil Productions grow in such a short time.  To date, this has been the best performance that Drunken Devil Productions have put on and I can only imagine what they will have in store for us in the future.  If you have yet to dance (or drink) with the Drunken Devil himself, do not wait.  It will be an experience that you will soon not forget.

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