Silent horror short films in 2016 are a rarity.  We usually hear screaming or someone moaning having sex before their heads get chopped off.  Using effects and expressionism of settings are not used as often.  As a short horror flick, “Lucky Girl,” was a fascinating silent film.  It was written, directed, and edited by Demeter Lorant.  The effective beginning brings you in on a day in the life of a serial killer.

Opening with an incredible dolly shot by the Director of Photography, Laura Csonka, showing the results of three girls getting into a car crash.  The killer drags the delirious hot girls into his kidnapping van.  The “Lucky Girl” is awake but silent.

The acting in this movie made me realize it is just a piece of the puzzle when creating content. This is a much needed piece, but there are many other pieces that can drive emotion in a film. The actors played the parts in a plain manner, not strong. It was as if they were a couple of regular people thrown into a terror warehouse of rape and death.  This resulted in the visuals and physical body language popping off the screen.

There were twists and turns in the storyline about human nature vs. nuture.  The main “Lucky Girl,” uses her sister as a tool to escape the serial killer.  This fascinated me and brought to light how human selfishness is realistic in a life vs. death situation.  The hero has now turned into the villain.

The story, written by Lorant, became more enticing then the performances.  As a director/screenwriter myself, I loved learning a new technique of filmmaking from “Lucky Girl.” In conclusion, this short is a very entertaining watch for indie horror fans.

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