Indie Horror Short Film Review: DEMONIC ATTACHMENT (2016)

caused or done by a demon : of, relating to, or like a demon

strong feelings of affection or loyalty for someone or something

Good evening Boils and Ghouls!

Tonight’s tale of tremendous terror is titled “Demonic Attachment” and is brought to us by director Matt Aaron Krinsky and writer/actress Jennifer Nangle.

This short opens with voicemails from several doctors delivering positive news about the main character, Jennifer’s, health.  From the intense tone of voice from the doctors, you can begin to feel the tension and stress build up within Jennifer.  She then receives a house-call from a shrink who appears to not really grasp the concerns Jennifer is expressing about her health.  At this point, the plot steadily builds and doesn’t hold back from creating a sheer feeling of despair for our main character.  The acting throughout is excellent and you can absolutely feel the stress and hopelessness that Jennifer is feeling.  You can even see the exhaustion in the main characters face as she tries helplessly to figure out what is wrong with her.  Along with the excellent acting, the cinematography was really clean and the quality of recording was very clear.

Having had a family member who was involved in witchcraft (white magic) I used to feel really nervous, especially in highschool when a lot of unexplained items were moved within the house. So it is safe to say that this short brought forth some of those old creepy feelings.

The primary topic of this short is directly correlated with the title, Demonic Attachment, and the filmmaker goes about showing us this in a unique and interesting manner.  The climax of the film is actually quite suspenseful as it involves a white magic type of seance combined with an Exorcism which continued to recreate those really uncomfortable feelings within me.  This is when you get a small glimpse at what the demon looks like and how it’s affecting our poor main character.  This scene was actually really powerful to me.  It literally gave me chills and at this point I was completely satisfied with what I was watching.  After the seance you can see that Jennifer appears to physically look better and appears to be safe.  At least for now.

I really enjoyed “Demonic Attachment” and would definitely, definitely recommend it to anyone that is a fan of paranormal/possession flicks.  The execution was superb and the climax was very powerful.

To learn more about “Demonic Attachment” follow them the on Facebook at and Twitter at @demonic_attach

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