Allison wakes up to a snapchat of her sleeping.  Who sent it?

Man!! I gotta say this short film is awesome!! “3 Seconds” has moments of lightheartedness but ultimately ends up being a chilling short film that touches upon the creepiness of social media.

Prior to watching this, I had seen some information about this short floating around the internet and I’m glad that I had the opportunity to view it.  As the film opens up, I realized my assumptions on how it would be filmed were completely accurate.  The cinematography is surprisingly very clean considering that most short I watch generally have a lower budget and tend to struggle a bit in this area.

Since this short is less than 3 minutes, the directors waste no time diving right into the horror. Allison wakes up to a snapchat and sleepily makes an attempt to investigate before receiving a chilling answer that wakes her abruptly from her sleep.  The vibe up until the end had me under the impression that this short was going to be some type of home intruder/stalker flick, but the end completely flipped me around. After Allison wakes up multiple times to her phone going off she begins to search through her room to see if anyone is hiding.  Upon finding no one, Allison tries one more time to doze off.  At this point things beginning to happen that would suggest a demonic possession such as the windows and blinds shaking.  Allison appears to be held down to her bed by an unseen force that violently shakes her and then the ending happens.

Oh my god, this ending sealed the deal for me.  I do not want to spoil it but if you are a regular Snapchat user like myself, you will enjoy the ending, as well as the entire short, as much as I did. I have honestly watched this short about 4 times as well as shared it with my friends and family.  If you are interested in checking it out, you can find it on YouTube at “3 Second Horror Snapchat”.  Along with this short, Space Oddity Films has other videos that you can view as well.  I have already watched a few such as “Cropped” “Trunk” and “Green Dot”.  Give them all a watch and make sure not to forget to check out “3 Seconds”.

Stay creepy late night lurkers and filthy film fiends alike!

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