What do bumbling cops (are they are other kind?), a drug lord that calls himself Lucifer (with sidekick St. John…), a Beegirl, a dancing taco, a muddy fight club in fashionista Day of the Dead warpaint, and an imaginary friend have in common?  Not a damned thing and it’s glorious!

Billy Blair as Thief is killing me!  Imagine if that smarmy guy that annoys you at Guitar Center suddenly had to put on his best outfit from the 80z, and attempt to be the badass he claims he was ‘back in the day’… Billy nails this role beautifully!  Also, I want Montesor’s fuzzy jacket. Josephine played by Paula Marccenaro Solinger, is the vengeance seeking (I think?  I’ll have to wait for Blood Sombrero 2 to verify) Ninjita… a tiny terror with a lot of large Samurair swords, is excellent.  Largely silent in the movie, when she does speak you know she is not fucking around.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t talk about the Bee Girl… Jennifer Michelle Stone II is the Bee Girl we deserve, but are we ready for her?  Bee Girl aka Izzy, is not having any of your shit, she’s had a rough day, and now she’s everybody’s hostage.  Covered in blood and pee, Izzy is honestly a lot nicer than I would be at this point.

When it comes to the technical aspects of the film, I loved the visuals.  I loved everything from the slo-mo shots in the fights scenes to the gritty look during the cutaways.  These give the film a feel that’s straight out of the 80’s as well as a ‘I just found this on VHS at a yard sale’ vibe.

Overall, I totally loved Blood Sombrero!  So much so that I bought it!  It was funny as fuck and I really hope they get up and running on a part 2!  If you like camp, gratuitous gore and pulp then you will definitely want to give this film a watch!

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