Indie Horror Short Film Review: ALREADY DEAD (2016)

15 years after ZE Day, Zombies “live among us, working 9-5 jobs, holidaying in Barbados.  A documentary crew have been given exclusive access to a group of zombie’s day to day ‘lives.’ Already Dead ask whether we have truly come to accept zombies or are we still living in 2001? 

Zombenzine!  A pill a day keeps the zombies away!  This film takes off with us meeting our main character George, a zombie.  However this is no ordinary zombie flick as it is much more clever and has an excellent concept.  As the film rolls on you meet more zombies and living individuals who are both trying to have a normal life in the midst of everything.  However, it’s clear that the zombies are being judged by the majority of the outside world.  The film touches on the subject of blatant prejudice which was something that really hit home for me.

The zombie outbreak (or “ZE DAY”) occurred in 2001 and we are now seeing what life is like 15 years later.  Although Zombies are dealing with fighting their carnivorous urges while trying to fit into society, they continue to be highly discriminated against and for legitimate reason.  The Zombenzine pill was introduced to help put the primal urges of a zombie into remission and allow the individuals to live a “normal” life – well, as normal as possible.  Occasionally they slip up and they feel shame and regret just like us living humans would feel.

While zombies continue to struggle with fitting into humanity, George maintains an absolute optimistic attitude towards life and towards who discriminate against himself and fellow zombies. George also represents to me the beauty behind the struggle and the opportunity you can create for yourself with a completely positive attitude.  Although I read pretty far into this film, I highly enjoyed the comedy of it.  The vibe is very lighthearted and genuinely enjoyable.  I really appreciated this movie and would definitely recommend it.  It’s a short watch with it being less than 15 minutes and it leaves you feeling pretty good after watching. So go forth and be like George!  Be optimistic!

Stay Creepy Boils and Ghouls


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