Dental Implants are usually painful, but luckily now we have sedatives to ease the pain.  Back in the good old days, people were not so lucky.  The oldest type of Dental Implant was discovered in Chinese culture four thousand years ago.  They would use carved bamboo pegs to replace missing teeth; violently hammering them in your mouth with pegs which was excruciatingly painful!  Even thinking about it makes my mouth hurt!

In European history there was more experimentation with the Celtics in France.  A body was discovered in France with a false tooth that had been inserted post-mortem.  The tooth would have been hammered into the skull so as to benefit the appearance of dead bodies at funeral ceremonies.  If aging men or women had missing teeth, you would be able to insert fake ones for display after death.  Talk about Sleeping Beauty, if you know what I mean.

Thirteen thousand years ago scientists discovered teeth being replaced with a variety of materials.  These ranged from jade to sea shells and only recently was the development of safe implants.  It wasn’t until the 1800s when medical professionals started to use porcelain crowns to replace teeth.

In the 21st century, we now use titanium for teeth replacement surgeries; however, this practice wasn’t put into use until the 1950s when an orthopedic doctor conducted a surgery for reconsturction and re-growth on a rabbit’s femur.  This resulted in a method that had long-term productivity which has allowed you and I, plus everyone else in the world, the opportunity to have fake teeth.   Hooray!  Fake teeth for everyone!!

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