“This is Happenstance. A 11.5 minute horror short about a serial killer collecting victims to fill his meat freezer while at the same time looking for an understanding companion.” – George Fraser

While watching the opening scenes of “Happenstance” I was instantly sucked in as the vibe of the film reminded me of a cross between “Hostel” and “Texas Chainsaw Massacre.”  The whole ambiance throughout the film was unsettling but also slightly intriguing because I had not seen anything that had really made me feel this uncomfortable lately.

The individuals held captive gave me a feeling of empathy as I watched as the camera gave us a small tour of the killer’s home.  As you would expect, it was a cluttered mess.  The living room area was scattered with tools and human decay.  We are shown the killer but question who the person sitting next to him is.  Is he alive?  Is he dead?  Is it a figment of his imagination?  Who know?!  At least that’s how I interpreted this scene.  As the film rolled on I started to feel a bit lost but regardless, it didn’t deter my interest.

As the film moves along, we see the killer pick up some women and I knew at this moment that this was going to be the film that I thought it was going to be; however, to my surprise, the film takes an unexpected turn (I don’t want to reveal any of the details at this point).  The actors did a good job of portraying disturbing images and making me believe that they were in danger since there was not a lot of dialogue throughout.  The film had me in a bit of a shock because it was unique in the sense that though at times I had difficulty following the story, I was able to understand what was happening at the same time.  In conclusion, “Happenstance” held my interest to the end and it’s definitely something I would want to show to my friends.

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