New Jersey’s own Heather Buckley was born a monster rascal to a train construction foreman and a tarot card-reading psychic.  A child that should be born as a Horror Fangirl.  In her younger days, Father dutifully took her to buy Fangoria magazines.  Her mother was so alarmed, she actually performed an old-world Easter European exorcism ritual on her daughter to drive the horror love out of her, but a fun little exorcism didn’t stop Heather.

Heather trained at the University of the Arts Philadelphia and worked as a graphic designer and creative lead in the New York advertising world. while also working for years as a journalist for Dread Central and Fangoria; popular horror websites that terror nerds like myself are addicted too.

She is currently a Blu-Ray Special Feature Producer for Red Shirt Pictures and Severin Films, working on disc documentaries for TALES FROM THE CRYPT: DEMON KNIGHT and BORDELLO OF BLOOD, the SAW 10th Anniversary reissue, and ARMY OF DARKNESS documentary, MEDIEVAL TIMES.  Among her 2016 projects is a new release of Dan O’Bannon’s THE RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD.

Buckley’s sensibilities tend towards the transgressive, high-art side of the Art-Horror-Exploitation world of filmmaking – this is her focus as she regularly consults with filmmaking projects, and develops her own feature films.  She uses the basis of David Cronenberg’s quote, “To show the unshowable to speak the unspeakable,” in revealing the secrets of production coming from the horror flicks that we grew up on. Heather Buckley is a spitfire producer and one that any horror groupie would love to follow on social media. We all look forward to seeing more of her work in the future!


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