While I’m not new to Cons, this was my first Horror Con, and I wasn’t sure what to expect.  April Fools on a Friday night in Boobank, California…the vendor room was small, but organized and full, and the first thing I noticed…a table with Kansas Bowling, the mastermind behind BC Butcher, a prehistoric slasher, her special guest in the film, Rodney Bingenheimer of the World Famous KROQ (thank you for my musical education, sir!), and what was seriously one of the highlights of DOTD, Kato Kaelin!  After surviving the media crapfest that was the OJ trial, Kato has made the best of his fame, and is the star of BC Butcher (review soon, I can’t wait to watch it!), and was seriously the nicest guy!  All Cons should have Kato, he engaged everyone that passed him, offhanded jokes abounded, truly appreciating everyone that stopped by.  As for Horror icons on a Friday night, I did my best to not fangirl when introducing myself to Reggie and Gigi Bannister of Phantasm fame (I had the worst crush on the ice cream man when I was a kid), Phantasm II was my first intro to Horror and the Tall Man was terrifying, so it was so great talking to them about what’s in store for Phantasm V Ravager.  As it turns out, P5: Ravager has finally been picked up by Anchor Bay and they’re hoping for an October release!  Gigi says the final cut looks great, and is hoping Don Coscarelli held back some of Angus Scrimm’s footage for a special edition (or I could sit here holding my breath for a Phantasm 6…).  Next up on my Friday night exercise in not fangirling was meeting my young punk inspiration, Riff Randall, aka PJ Soles!  Sorry Horror peeps, my intro to PJ wasn’t Halloween, but Roger Corman’s Rock & Roll High School featuring The Ramones, and damn if I didn’t want to BE Riff Randall.  We talked for a couple minutes, and I put the idea to her for a quick (and my first ever!!! :ack:) interview on Sunday when things had slowed a bit.  Horrorcentric art was abundant, and I spent some time speaking with Angus Oblong who was only there for Friday night (so glad I didn’t opt for waiting to purchase from him until Sunday…)

Saturday was panel discussion day.  First up, Sid Haig telling stories about working on THX-1138.  Apparently George Lucas is “weird”…during filming the scene in the white prison room, George would show up in the morning, tell them what to do, and then leave, just letting the filming go on without him.  One day, George was on set, he started looking through the drawers under the beds, discovered one had a portable toilet under it.  He looked at Sid, and Sid replied, “I don’t care what you say, George, I’m not dropping a deuce on camera,” the audience roared!  My favorite part was watching Sid recite the Murder Ride spiel from House of 1000 Corpses, it was chilling! Up next was a panel with star of Candyman, Tony Todd, and writer/director Bernard Rose.  It was a pleasure hearing Bernard talk about being a first time writer, and the various problems he had while getting Candyman made, including dealings with the NAACP, who he met with over their concerns of having a black man as the villain in a horror movie, with the very real location of the Canbrinin Green projects in Chicago.  Rose explained that in horror, the villain IS the hero, that heir concerns of stereotyping were unwarranted…all these years later, with as many fans as the movie has, I wonder if any of those NAACP members see’s what we see, a great story and the excellent acting the very much loved Tony Todd.  Rose also spoke of his newest movie, the just released FRANKENSTEIN.  I went home that night and watched it, and without going into a full review, I can say that it was well-told, beautiful, stark, and heartbreaking: a true, modern retelling of Shelley’s classic.   Next up, Etheria Film Nights “Women in Horror” panel.  Horror luminaries like Jackie Kong and Patricia Chica, to new talents like Kansas Bowling and Mary C. Russell discussed what it was like to work in a male-centric industry.

Sunday, as the Con wound to a close, I finally got my brief and mostly non-fangirling quick interview with PJ Soles, and met Tony Moran, the first face of Michael Myers, who just released BEG, with PJ Soles, his former co-star from Halloween.

Wrapping it up, it was a great weekend, waaaay less stressful than SDCC, and I look forward to next year!


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