Indie Horror Short Film Review: A TRICKY TREAT

A Tricky Treat: A Halloween tradition gets turned on it’s gooey head in this killer ‘what if’ short!

Definitely add this to your Halloween viewing tradition!

Gore: 5/10 (not too much, not too little, just the right amount to get the point across)

Rewatchability: 10/10

Story: 10/10

Nikki VonFrankenstitch

Editor’s Note:
I had the opportunity to view A TRICKY TREAT and I have to say, this is one of the best shorts I have seen in awhile and one that will leave such a terrific impression when it comes to Halloween-esque shorts.  There are so many shorts and films that have to do with the Halloween holiday and sometimes all we need is something that is straight to the point that knocks us on our ass.  I loved everything about this little short and I hope to someday see this as a feature film.  Congrats to the whole Tricky Treat team and director Patricia Chica!

Shannon McGrew

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