“From The Horrific Network, and director Jimmy Weinholz, comes his first feature film ‘Door to Door.’ 7 people, all each guilty of one of the seven deadly sins, must face their own personal nightmare.”

Door to Door was a fairly clever film.  Although it was only an hour and some change long, it did leave a thoughtful impact on me, as pretty much any Old Testament style movie does (I am not religious by the way).  *SPOILER ALERT* This movie is not actually a BIBLICAL film, but it is about the 7 deadly sins and the Devil conjuring up an army to do his bidding!

First off, I have to say that I really enjoyed the practical effects in this movie, although some were impractical and hard to pull off (i.e. throat slitting and not displaying an open would) but I really enjoyed the effort put forth!  As I am a fan of the lower budget filming as well as DIY practical effects, this movie had me sucked in.

This filming quality kind of reminded me of a “Goosebumps” or “Are You Afraid of the Dark” episodes from the nineties which made the experience of watching “DOOR TO DOOR” very nostalgic.  Even the music throughout the film gave me that feeling of nostalgia.  The plot was very tight which I appreciated because a lot of lower budget films I have watched as of lately have been slightly difficult to follow.  Kudos to the actors as well for really going in on their parts to help create a strong character base!

Overall, I enjoyed this film and would recommend it for fans of lower budget, DIY movies!

Below is final rating of DOOR TO DOOR:

Story/Concept: 2
Direction/Style: 2
Scares: 1
Atmosphere: 2
Rewatchability: 1
TOTAL: 8/10

Stay creepy my night lurkers and bottom dwellers!

Devin March
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Devin is a contributing writer for Nightmarish Conjurings and one of the three Co-hosts of the GoreLords Podcast. In his spare time (when it exists) he's usually cuddled up to his wife binge-watching a TV series, checking out new indie horror films or more recently playing Nintendo Switch. Devin is a huge fan of horror and macabre and it shows in his household. There is a room in his house dedicated to VHS tapes, Disneyland, Vintage Halloween and 80's horror.
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