Indie Horror Short Film Review: BAGGAGE

“Benjamin is normal.  He does his best to fit in with society.  He goes to work, loves his significant other, and has hopes and dreams just like you.  You will follow Benjamin for one day of his life, but will you still believe that Benjamin is normal after his world is revealed?” – Rob Dimension

Good Evening Creeps!

Tonight I review for you Rob Dimension’s independent short film, “Baggage,” directed by Jeremiah Kipp and released by “You’ve Been Robbed Films.”  This move is filmed in black and white so it automatically sets an eerie vibe which works very nicely with the plot of the story.  I really like that the writer, Rob Dimension, is playing the main character, because it reminds me of Stephen King in “Creepshow.” There are a few phone call scenes that made me uncomfortable due to the way that the character Benjamin was talking.  The thugs in the chase scene did an excellent job of acting like real dick heads, especially when one of them made kissing noises at Benjamin – it really made me want to punch the thug in the face.

The music was an excellent choice for the entire vibe of the film and it made me enjoy the movie even more.  The ending of the film was also great; however, I wish it was a little longer because I wanted to continue watching Benjamin spiral out of control.  All in all, “Baggage,” had a great twist and I really enjoyed this short film.  I look forward to checking out more from Rob Dimension.

Story/Concept: 2
Direction/Style: 2
Scares: 1
Atmosphere: 2
Rewatchability: 2

Closing my review, I would like to encourage you to check out some of Rob Dimension’s films on his YouTube channel, especially if you consider yourself a fan of independent horror short films.  Creep on creeping on midnight dwellers and lurkers alike!

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